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Product List

Air Vents/Holes(8)
AV01 AV02 AV03
Bass Drum Legs/Spurs(7)
BDS001 BDS002 BDS003 BDS004 BDS005 BDS007 BDS008
Butt Ends/Plates(3)
BE001 BE002 BE003
BC001 BC002 BC004 BC005 BC006 BC008 BC009 BC010 BC011 BC012 013 BC014 BC017
Drum Hardware(3)
Pedals Accessories Stands
Drum Heads(4)
DH001 DH003 DH004 DH005
Drum Keys(4)
K01 K03 K04 K05
Floor Tom Legs(6)
FL01 FL02 FL03 FL04 FL05 FL06
HA15 HA01 HA05 HA06 HA07 HA08 HA09 HA10 HA11 HA12 HA14
Agile Lug Tube Lug Agile Tube Lug Die-Casting Lug
Metal Shells(1)
Mounting Screws(2)
BS01 BS02
Practice Pads(3)
TG01 TG02 TG03
Snare Wires(7)
SE01 SE02 SE03 SE04 SEP SE05 SE06
Sound Off(1)
Suspension Systems(3)
SR002 SR003 SR004
Tom Mounts/Brackets(8)
TM002 TM003 TM004 TM007 TM005 TM006 ML001 TM001
Tension Rods(5)
TR01 TR02 TR03
T-handle Rod(3)
BTR02 BTR03 BTR04 -Paris T-Rod-
Wood Shells(9)
ASH Figured Sycamore Maple Brich Walnut Cheery Mappa Burl ASH Burl Mahogany
Customized Drum Kits Re-ring Specification
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Company - About Lea Hung Drum Company

Lea Hung Drum Co. Ltd. was founded in 1976.

In the beginning, we specialized in machined component parts of drum hardware and OEM/ ODM for some famous brands.

In order to meet customers demand. In 1990, we jointed a molding factory.

Since then, Lea Hung has the excellent ability to provide both Machined and Die casting products in house.

Along of the continuous growth of turnover, in 2005, we determined to extend the current factory.

The factory was inaugurated in the end of 2008, area of 300 square meters.

Today's Lea Hung is a drum parts and drum hardware professional manufacturer, our advanced design, highest quality control & efficient production teams

allows us to provide our customers excellent products with competitive price and in-time delivery.

Innovation, Quality, Efficiency and Service are carefully maintained by us to meet the customer’s highest requirements.